Virtual forest 2.0

Virtual forest 2.0 is a Research, Development and Innovation project funded by the Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment from the European Regional Development Fund.


Virtual forest 2.0 is a research and development project, which developes a new innovation tool that enables efficient visualization of forest resource and spatial data in 3D. Virtual forest is an application, which can be used in participatory planning of land use, guidance of forest owners and for combining interests of different stakeholder groups concerning utilization of natural resources and areas. Virtual forest 2.0 project also aims to enhance quality of visualization by developing new data to enable more precise visualization. Project aims to enhance use of visualization eg. in forest bioeconomy sector.


Realistic & efficient visualization of forest data in different vegetation zones in Finland

Virtual forest uses geographic and forest data to create a virtual forest. To achieve realistic view of the forest in different parts of Finland, visualization of different vegetation zones must be enabled in the application.

Technical development of Virtual Forest

For Virtual forest to be able to utilize existing and new forest and spatial data, technical development of the application must be conducted. Technical development of Virtual Forest also enables the use of new forest data that is being developed in the project.

Development of new forest and spatial data to enable more realistic visualization of natural resources

Project develops new forest resource data to enable more precise description of the forest. For example data which indicates positions of the trees and more precise description of the terrain are developed in the project. The data can be used to describe natural resources in a more realistic way in Virtual Forest.

Finding new ways to use visualization

Currently visualization of forest data is not widely used in bioeconomy sector. To increase the use of natural resource visualization in everyday activities, new more efficient ways to form 3D models from data have to be developed. In the project target groups get to test the developed Virtual Forest and give feedback about the pros, cons and possible uses. End users are also able to participate in the development to find new ways to use spatial and forest data visualization in everyday business.

Goals of the project

  • Goals of the project are
    • To advance the automation of Virtual forest (from data to visualization)
    • To test and advance the utilization of remote sensing and open data in forest visualization
    • To enable the utilization of Virtual forest in different vegetation zones by providing realistic outlook of forest in different vegetation zones
    • To widen the use of Virtual Forest in forest livelihood as well as survey the utilization possibilities among other livelihood in Lapland


Contact information

Contact information

Markus Korhonen
Project Manager
Lapland University of Applied sciences

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